Where you located?
Inside Newport Dunes Resort just passed the wood bridge, near boat launch, and Bistro.
See locations page. 1131 Back Bay Drive, Newport Beach.

Is parking free?
Yes, if you park on Back Bay drive, and walk in. No, if you park inside the Dunes, you will be charged.

Do you take credit card?
Yes. We take all major credit cards.

Do you have wetsuits?

Is there a place for me to store my belongings?
Yes, we have lockers. $3 for day use.

Do you take reservations?
Yes, but the group size must be over 10 people. See Group Events page.

Do you have a group discount?
Yes, for over 10 people. See Group Events page.

Do you have life jackets?
Yes. 16 yrs and under must wear Life jackets. (Coast Guard Requirements)

Is there a place for me to eat lunch, or hang out after?
Yes, we have a great beach with 5 picnic tables.

What are the age restrictions for paddling?
5 and under must share board with adult

6 and over must be accompanied with adult, but can paddle their own board.

13 and over can paddle without adult, but must stay within the Newport Dunes lagoon area.

What do I wear paddling?
Dress in active wear, or swim wear.

What do I wear for the SupGlow Night Paddle?
Dress in active wear with life jacket, or long sleeve. Bring change of clothes, just in case you go for a “swim”.

What should I bring with me?
Towel, sunscreen, ID, cash or credit card, and smile.

Do you have showers, and is their a restroom?
Yes, we have an outdoor shower to rinse off.
Restroom is walking distance to our beach.

Do I need a guided lesson?

A guided lesson will give you the most thorough precise lesson. Having a private guide will insure your safety, and will end with you feeling confident and excited about the sport. The lesson will be taught by one of our expert guides both onshore and on the water. The lesson will be differentiated depending on skill level, and age. We highly recommend this experience for first timers, and anyone less confident about water sports.

Why do you require first timers the onshore tutorial?

First and foremost, we want you to be safe. We work closely with the Coast Guard, and our job is to keep you safe on the water. So we charge $5 for a quick onshore tutorial to give you the basics to ensure your safety. Knowing the basics will assure you a lot more fun on the water. This will also help prevent you from falling in.