STAY OUT of the center channel. Stay off to the sides & let the larger commercial boats which don’t maneuver as easily as you do have the right of way to the center channel.

Awareness of your surroundings. Things change often & very quickly on the water. Always keep your eyes peeled and alert and remember to regularly check in all directions.

Floating devices, if your 16 or under you must wear floatation a device. If you’re not a strong swimmer of comfortable around water please wear floating device. Accidents happen without warning.

Educate yourself. Know all of your equipment & how to use it. If you’re unsure about using a piece of equipment, just ask were are more then happy to help you!

Travel plan. Have a planned route before you leave the beach and schedule returned time. Make sure you don’t travel towards the upper back bay, travel towards PCH bridge.

YACHTS! Stay out of the way and watch out of large vessels. Stay on the far right or far left of channel while paddling. It’s much more difficult for large boats to see you then for you to spot them. Stay out of the way!