SUP Pass Membership

If you are a frequent paddler at Pirate Coast, and want to save money the SUP PASS is the way to go. The SUP PASS is a waterproof punch card that has 10 hours of Paddle Boarding for a much better price.
Purchase SUP PASS at Pirate Coast beach during business hours. It’s also perfect for a gift! $200 Value.


The card never expires ( unless you bought with promotion).
The pass can only be used by person who purchased pass unless gifted.
Sup pass holder can use pass for friends but max 4 friends per visit. So there is 5 punch max per visit.
If sup pass member brings friends, they can paddle for special rate of $18pp/hr. OR they can use punches for a friend.

The card works anytime, as long as we are open.

You never have to show up with cash or credit card, just bring your pass and go!

sup pass